Our Halong collection houses unique eggshell inlaid and bamboo designs with a contemporary appeal

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              Eggshell Dragonfly Tray (Small)

              Rs. 3,000

              Striped Bamboo Bowl

              Rs. 1,500

              Orange Eggshell Dragonfly Candle Stands

              Rs. 2,650

              Black Eggshell Dragonfly Candle Stands

              Rs. 2,650

              Eggshell Dragonfly Plantin

              Rs. 3,850

              Eggshell Dragonfly Tissue Box

              Rs. 1,700

              Eggshell Inlaid Balls

              Rs. 1,000

              Mandarin Box

              Rs. 2,350

              The Dale + Co.

              Rs. 5,500

              Eggshell Inlaid Trays

              Rs. 5,000

              Eggshell Inlaid Box

              Rs. 2,200

              Eggshell Inlaid Tissue Box

              Rs. 1,500

              Brown Bamboo Plantin

              Rs. 2,000

              Orange Bamboo Plantin

              Rs. 2,000

              Bamboo Tray

              Rs. 2,000

              Bamboo Coasters

              Rs. 1,050

              Acacia Wood Bowls

              Rs. 1,150

              Geo Bamboo Bowl

              Rs. 1,050
              We ship within India only
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