Dale + Co. is a 100% - owned unit of Jhalani Marketing Services

Dale + Co. curates a selection of global handicrafts, with an aim to bring worldwide crafstmanship to India. Each time we plan to source indigenous home accents from a different country, with a focus on refined aesthetic as well as functionality!

Curated. Functional Aesthetic. Contemporary. Handcrafted. Affordable
In case you’re interested, here’s the story behind Dale + Co.....

I quit my stereotypical consulting job, looking for some, yes, clichéd, I know - perspective. I had visited Vietnam early last year with my family, when my mother, sister and I (we’re quite the formidable creative team) picked out some very cool handcrafted home accents from the back alleys of a touristy local bazaar. In fact, this was routine on any trip we took together abroad – explore, negotiate, shop and return home gleaming with yet another set of handpainted ceramic bowls, African tribal masks or lacquered figurines!

Anyhow, before I knew it, I was back in Vietnam, meeting potential suppliers, acquainting myself with the handcrafted lacquer process at factory visits and identifying the right product mix and designs. Armed with a clear focus on product detail and originality, I curated the entire range of utility and décor items myself – including aspects like size, functionality, usage and aesthetic appeal. I guarantee you will not find anything similar anywhere else!

D + C was thus born with an aim to bring worldwide craftsmanship to the discerning Indian consumer. I wanted each and every one of you to be able to own these indigenous handcrafted products sitting at home, without causing a dent in your pockets. I wanted to sell something I would buy myself, something unseen and novel, yet useful and affordable. To top it all, my team and I plan to keep your interest alive by importing unique products from a different country each time - maybe Bali or the Phillipines next year! What say?

The website showcases different settings of the products to help you understand how to make the best use of them. We also want to facilitate gifting of our items (and sharing the love) and hence have a pretty awesome packaging lined up.

We hope you enjoy browsing, (and purchasing of course!) as much as we have loved bringing this right to you.

Welcome to Dale + Co.

Note: The name has been inspired by my two dogs: Dale (late) and Cooper, both of whom continue to rule my heart.

- Ananya Jhalani

(Managing Partner - Jhalani Marketing Services)

We ship within India only