Fall/Winter 2016 - Vietnamese Lacquerware

Our current collection boasts handcrafted vietnamese lacquered home accents, with a high gloss finish designed to appeal to your functional aesthetic!

  • All products are molded from bamboo, wood or resin and finished using age-old lacquering methods. Indigenous eggshell, metallic leaf inlay and hand painting techniques have also been used to create beautiful patterns with an emphasis on quality.
  • Traditional methods of Vietnamese Lacquerware has a history of about two thousand years. Each item takes between 45 - 75 days to complete, depending on weather conditions.
  • Lacquer Process: There are many steps in the production of lacquerware. Any imperfections in the molds are first sealed with lacquer, covered with cotton gauze and a thick mixture of sawdust, alluvial soil, finely ground rock, and lacquer. After drying, it is sanded smooth under water. The coating and sanding process is repeated at least two more times. At this point, the artwork such as crackled eggshells, metallic leaf inlay or handpainting is applied to the piece by hand. The surface area of the piece without artwork is coated with solid colored lacquer, while the areas with the design are coated with a special clear lacquer. After 10-15 layers of lacquer, finally, the piece is polished with wax to give it a high gloss finish.
  • Duck eggshell is specially applied in Vietnamese lacquerware. The shell of already hatched ducks is used because of its thickness and whiteness. The eggshells are cleaned and sometimes even burned to obtain a brownish tinge, as you can see in some of our items.
  • Our pieces are food-friendly, heat-resistant and water-repellant.
    Care Instructions
  • If handled with care, your products will last for many years. As with porcelain or glass, it may chip if it is dropped or handled roughly; therefore, we are not able to provide a lifetime guarantee.
  • To avoid chipping and scratching, do not use as a cutting surface, expose to rough surfaces or store one on top of the other.
  • Do not soak in water.
  • Several layers of nail polish of the same colour should be used to repair small chips or scratches that may occur over time if a piece is dropped.
We ship within India only